PC Power
  • ATX PS/2
  • SFX
  • PS3 12V
  • 250w-750w
  • Various voltages
  • High density power in small box
  • Netbook & Notebook power
  • 5W~220W
IPC Power
  • 1U
  • 2U
  • Redundant
  • 150W~2000W
  • Low leakaging
  • IEC 60601
  • PS/2 & 1U
  • 180W~350W
Retail Package
  • Gamers heaven
  • High power up to 1200W
Open Frame
  • Tailer made
  • Mini-iTX solution
  • Medical solution
  • 2*4, 3*5
  • AC power cords
  • DC cables
  • Fans
  • Screws
SPI: Delivers Power Solutions to all Industrial & PC Applications.
We stay of what we promised.

Founded in 1993, Sparkle Power Incorporated (SPI) is one of the largest leading switching power supply manufacturers in the world. Highly focus on advanced Research and Development, in alliance with industry leaders such as Intel and AMD, SPI plays a dominant role in providing world-class quality power supplies. Our commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence enables us to offer cost-effective products with superior performance. Emphasizing on standard and custom (ODM/OEM) products, SPI has build a strong reputation with proven solutions for the PC, Industrial PC, Telecommunication, and Consumer Electronics industries... And more



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