What is a PoE Switch? Benefits & Types of PoE Switches You Should Know


Businesses need efficient and reliable telecommunications networks. That means they have to have the smooth implementation of electronic links and switches that allow users to share and transfer data with ease. Technology in this field is advancing all the time, so to stay on top, they need the most advanced system. At the moment, most businesses utilize a structured cabling system. However, to advance their companies and ensure their network continues to run smoothly into the future, they need to include a network switch on these cabling systems. These network switches come in two forms, a normal, regular network switch and a PoE Switch (Power over Ethernet). Using a PoE Switch for a business network gives your business the best chance to improve and expand.


What is PoE Switch?

PoE technology gives the network the advanced functionality of using a single Ethernet cable for multiple actions, such as transmitting electrical power, data, and voice. The fact that you can use the Ethernet cable for power means you need less wiring and inputs to get the network working. PoE is used to simplify systems and installation techniques, as well as being cheaper. In addition, PoE power consumption is less than the mains voltage and is, therefore, safe to use on the equipment it was designed for. 


The PoE Switch has the PoE functionality built-in and enables the communication of devices on a PoE network. Therefore, the PoE Switch is powered from the original PoE source but can pass electrical power through it, unlike a traditional switch. A conventional switch would need an additional device to establish a connection, usually a PoE splitter or injector.


What devices use a PoE Switch?

Structured cabling systems are the perfect system on which to implement PoE technology. PoE Switches are used for networks and connected devices that need power and to transmit data. There are various applications that use this technology, and the power required can differ somewhat.

Low Watt devices include:

High Watt devices include:


Benefits of using PoE Switches (VS Regular Switches, e.g. reduced costs, adaptability)

There are many benefits of using PoE Switches:


Do PoE Switches have any limitations?

There are some limitations of a PoE Switch:


Main Types of PoE Switches

There are three main types of PoE Switches:

The Unmanaged POE Switch

This type is generally used in the home or for small businesses without I.T. teams and fewer than 5 to 10 computers. They are simple to use, i.e., plug-and-play, plus they are affordable. They do not allow for modification or management, and they don’t come with security features. This is not the option you need if you deal with sensitive, as you need more security options.

The Smart or Hybrid POE Switch

These Switches offer access through the Internet to configure ports and virtual networks, etc. and don’t require highly trained staff to use them. They are simpler and cheaper than managed switches but don’t offer the same variety of functions. However, they do have security features. You would use this type for VoIP and smaller networks and VLANs.

The Managed POE Switch

This is the most advanced and expensive type of switch. It offers a high level of control, management, and full security. If you need 24/7 monitoring, remote access, control, and scalability, this is the switch for you. They are found in data centers and enterprise networks. 


Considerations when choosing PoE Switches?

If you are going to be purchasing a PoE Switch for your network, you need to make various decisions, especially regarding power supply options. These considerations will ensure you enhance your network effectively. Special thought needs to be given to areas such as the installation location and input specification to ensure you have the device is adequate for your PoE network. You also need to check the operation temperature and the IP rating (IEC60529) to ensure you have the right degree of device protection. Also, think about surge requirements and power connectors. You may also need to consider the amount of technical support you will require to run the network effectively.  


FSP's PoE Switches Power Supply Solutions

FSP has several PoE Switch solutions which will effectively and efficiently upgrade your network:

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